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Dig Me Out

$16.00 (Coming soon)

Short stories by Amy Lee Lillard

Atelier26 Books is tremendously pleased to announce acquisition of the short story collection Dig Me Out, the debut book by Berlin Prize Finalist and Breakout 8 writer Amy Lee Lillard, for publication in late 2021.

Spanning genres, continents, and eras, Lillard’s multilayered collection is all at once outrageously imaginative, provocative, and deeply absorbing. Ranging from the speculative to the historical, from magical realism to forensic realism, Dig Me Out carries the reader somewhere new — and newly thrilling — with every story, and constitutes a dazzling and rightfully dangerous work of literary art.

Author Amy Lee Lillard was shortlisted for the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize and named one of Epiphany’s Breakout 8 Writers in 2018. Her writing appears in Foglifter, Off Assignment, Adroit, Gertrude, and other publications. Lillard is one of the broads behind Broads and Books, a funny and feminist book podcast. She holds an MFA in fiction writing from the Pan-European program at Cedar Crest College, an MA in literature from Northwestern University, and a BA in English, journalism and psychology from the University of Iowa.